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We are Precision Explosives 

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Precision Explosives is dedicated to providing products and training based on experience and science so that everyone comes home at the end of the day.

Precision Explosives is a combat veteran owned small business that specializes in the sale and training of explosives as a threat to security. We have 30 plus years of experience in this field to include firsthand battlefield experience. As well as many hours in a lab coat studying the science behind explosives.

Co-founders Todd and Chrissy Wilber are adventurous and fun loving but also take their mission seriously. They are dedicated to providing safe products that are effective. They understand that threats to our national and local security are ever evolving and they are always at the for front of innovation. When they are not plotting to save the world, they enjoy life on their Virginia farm with a variety of furry and feathered companions. 

Science and best practices proven by real-world experience
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