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Bed Bug Training Aid

New Polymer Odor Capture Media in a TADD


Odor Prints and the TADD: 

In an effort to bring the K9 community the best training aids possible. We have collaborated with SciK9 to offer the TADD charged with a polymer odor capture and release media. That is infused with the target odor of live bed bugs in a sterile environment. Then the material releases the odor slowly for six months. TADDs then can be recharged with a new media after six months. Simply discard the used material inside the TADD and replace with the fresh material.

This training aid system does not contain live bed bugs so it can be deployed safely in any environment. The handler and the canine never come in contact with any hazardous material and the TADD keeps your training aid safe from contamination. 


  • NASA Outgassing Compliant* to be extremely low odor, so the only scent you train your dog on is the training aid.

  • Inert and highly compatible with Odor Prints.

  • Rugged enough for daily use and training

  • Cleaned according to EPA standard methods.

  • Capable of being decontaminated and deodorized of human scent or environmental odors.


  • Glass or Plastic material available.


  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant gasket, hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane, and a custom polypropylene membrane holder with a safety grid to prevent membrane puncture.

  • Safely contains liquids, oils, solids, small particulate, and hazmat.



  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant polypropylene lid.​

Learn more about the TADD HERE 
keep your aids cleaner, longer.
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