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Narcotics Training Aid

Getxent matrial in TADDs or Odor Prints


Odor Prints 

With Narcotic Odors

Odor Prints are a training aid for narcotics detection K9s they allow the dog handler to have access to real narcotic odors that are not actual narcotics. No licenses or special storage is required. Odor Prints have been designed to be inexpensive and long lasting making them convenient for training.

​Odor Prints are designed with Getxent material that has been infused with laboratory grade narcotics, sealed in between aluminum discs with no adhesives used in the process and assembly is performed with gloved hands in a clean environment. This prevents contamination with other target odors and human odors from handling.

Odor Prints shelf life is about one year. 

Weight equivalent is 20 grams for the regular Odor Print and 10 grams for the mini Odor Print. 


With Narcotic Odors

n an effort to bring the K9 community the best training aids possible. We have collaborated with SciK9 and Getxent to offer the TADD charged with a Getxent tube. That is infused with your choice of narcotic target odor. Then the material releases the odor slowly for about 1 year. TADDs then can be recharged with a new tube after one year. Simply discard the used tube inside the TADD and replace with a fresh tube.​

This training aid system does not require a DEA license. It does not have any storage requirements and can be deployed safely in any environment. The handler and the canine never come in contact with any hazardous material and the TADD keeps your training aid safe from contamination. 

Weight equivalent is 20 grams for the TADD system. You can also purchase restrictor caps to bring the threshold down even further. 

Target Odors: 

All target odors are created from pure target material that are lab certified.  We currently offer the following odors. 

  • Heroin

  • Methamphetamine

  • Cocaine 

  • Marijuana

  • Fentanyl 

  • MDMA 


Narcotic Aids with No Restrictions
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