Purest Quality Odor Kits

We concentrate on the broadest reaching odors to minimize the amount of training aids and keep your costs lower.   
K9 Low Explosive Odor Kit 

Ammonium Nitrate                    

Potassium Chlorate                  

Potassium Nitrate

Two Double Base Smokeless Powders                 

      Nitroglycerin Based               

      Dinitrotoluene Based        

One pound quantities packaged in anti-static and mylar bags to prevent cross contamination.


This covers the major constituent chemicals in black powder, flash powder or fireworks, single and double base smokeless powder, nitroglycerin and TNT.

Total Kit Cost: $285 plus shipping 
High Explosives K9 Kits 

Pure RDX



NG Dynamite 

Det Cord  


One pound quantities, packaged in mylar bags with  anti-static bags to prevent cross contamination and reduce static electricity. 


All kits come with a custom magazine/day box that exceed ATF regulations. We also engrave your logo of choice inside the box for extra customization. 


Don't see the explosives you want on the list? We can create any combination of explosives you desire. Just contact us.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for custom magazine orders.

Total Kit Cost: $1500 plus shipping 

Custom Kits 

Don't see what you are looking for contact us and we can create custom kits for your specific needs. 

Reversible Binary Explosive

Eliminates the need for explosives storage beyond blasting caps