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designed specifically for your needs

Creates HME Odor Profiles

Limitless number of compounds


  • Oxidizers and Fuels

  • Ingredients in proportion to live HME and street level narcotics

  • Quickly change compounds


Safety and Disposal


  • Individual ingredients never mix

  • Allows for training without unintended, adverse reactions

  • Disposal is as simple as handling each seperate, inert element as specified buy its manufacturer


Training Options and Outcomes


  • Adjustable odor plume

  • Small and rugged 

  • Easily fits into luggage, backpack, wheel wells and other common hides

  • New compounds can be quickly introduced

MODDs come with a HME odor kit, direction and a recipe book to make real world binary HMEs 

NEW!! Mini MODD designed for the BSD

Learn more about the MODD HERE


NEW MODD Mini!! 
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